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Museum Canvas Prints

Digital POD Canvases are resistant to both moisture and UV light, and do not get discoloured. For the frames we use nothing less than the unyielding obeche wood. From squares, rectangles, panoramas, Multi Canvases, etc., whichever dimension and style, our product will fit your desires. GO TO HOME

A4 - A0 / R297 - R1120

Mural Wallpaper

The vivid colors of the Epson GSX 10 Color Ink, let us tailor your wallpaper precisely to your tastes. At Digital POD, our wallpapers use only the top-grade materials and deliver at only the best prices. Custom Wallpapers and Murals are the New BIG Thing in interior decoration – for both residential and commercial interiors. An easy and cost-effective way to personalize your space with real visual value.

R275 / sqm

Acrylic Prints

Acrylic-printed decorations liven up the room wherever they go; as an interior piece, you cannot go wrong with these. Using pressure techniques, POD’s Acrylic Printings may be back mounted on either Di-Bond or wood. Back, front, and even on all the edges, our products are polished with no detail spared, glamorizing the artwork of your choosing and bringing out its potential.

A5 - A0 / R330 - R2960

High Gloss Photo Prints

We guarantee only the highest quality photos. The 12 Color Canon Pro-500 is among the top the industry can boast, with unrivalled fidelity to colour and detail.

A4 - A0 / R49 - R340

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