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About Canvas Frame

A Hidden Craft

Typical canvas frames are cut from Pine, Oak, Alder, Cherry, or Birch wood, while high-quality ones use Mahogany, Ebony, and Purple Heart wood and more. However, all of these woods dry out over time and are vulnerable to bending, warping the painting; it is thus of critical importance that the frame material be chosen carefully. Digital POD’s Canvas Frames use exclusively Obeche wood, which, because of its extreme durability, maintains its shape for over 10 years. It has a ..

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New Website – Digital POD

2018-12-22Category : Standard

We have resolved to revamp our old Wix website.

On September 2018, we began consulting web designers on what was to be our new look. Because Digital POD is not a retail shop, but an order-dependent company in a business park, finding new clients to service through our website has always been of critical importance. We provided the web designers the following conditions, specifications, and requests of service: Hosting 10 separate pages within the website A free WordPress theme Domain transfer from our old websit..

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