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//New Website – Digital POD

New Website – Digital POD

2018-12-22Category : Standard

We have resolved to revamp our old Wix website.

On September 2018, we began consulting web designers on what was to be our new look. Because Digital POD is not a retail shop, but an order-dependent company in a business park, finding new clients to service through our website has always been of critical importance.

We provided the web designers the following conditions, specifications, and requests of service:

  • Hosting
  • 10 separate pages within the website
  • A free WordPress theme
  • Domain transfer from our old website
  • Basic Search Engine Optimisation
  • 3 to 4 free plugins
  • These were to be met within 14 working days. The quoted price came to between R23,000 to R27,000, excluding VAT.

This cost was a serious issue. On top of the lump sum payment for authoring the website, costs for maintenance and updates were going to be a hindrance to our future prospects. Our team met and discussed this issue, and concluded we no longer needed a third party to maintain our website. POD was no longer a one-man venture, and years of experience had built some confidence in us. We decided it’d be best to author and monitor the website ourselves. Thus, an alternative method was elected.

Because a free theme had limited customisation and potential, we decided on a paid ThemeForest template and imported into WordPress. In the end, the costs broke down to the following:

  • Template $52 (R730)
  • Importing to WordPress $50 (R700)
  • Search Engine Optimisation $20 (R300)
  • Hosting (R400)

In total, this alternative cost a total of R2130. Much better. It would cost much less in the long run, too.

Our team member, who is not a graphic designer, has only filled in various Elements and menus so far, and the site is a long way from perfect. However, through continued updates and learning, we strive always to create a better website, a better company than the day before.

Digital POD’s challenges have only just begun.

Danny S – director

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